What is the capacity of AAA battery?

What is the capacity of AAA battery? 

There are two main types on the market, one is carbon battery, the other is alkaline battery. There is no fixed value for capacity. Carbon batteries are cheap, but usually have a small capacity of about 80MA; Carbon batteries are easy to leak. If long time not in use, must be taken out and keep separately, to prevent damage to electrical products.

The price of alkaline battery is relatively high, but the capacitance is much higher than carbon battery. Some good brands can reach about 900MA. Alkaline battery has much better performance on leak-proof than carbon battery. So generally, no need to worry about leakage.

How do you distinguish? Carbon batteries are relatively light, AAA type is about 7 grams. The alkaline battery of same size is about 11 grams, which feels heavy.

Jinggoal has developed an universal battery tester. It is designed as an instrument, which is accurate, durable and able to test
most batteries selling in supermarket, include: 1.5V-3V-9V-12V.

Advantages: there is a small load designed to inside circuit, that can examine real power of tested battery. Voltage read from a multi-meter can be sometimes deceitful. That is high-voltage, but few charges(electricity) inside. This phenomena can be metaphorized by a man's strength. Tall and big are usually considered with strength, but not all the cases. To distinguish, we need to give a load to test. If he shoulders well, then proves to be good. If not, just seems powerful, inside is weak.

How to use:
1, Take out probe hidden in back slot.
2, Put battery anode(positive) to top metal contact. Left for 3V; middle for 1.5V; right for 9V and 12V.
3, Connect probe to battery cathode(negative).
4, Read LED to check battery condition.
5,Power supply: AG13/LR44*3 pieces.


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